Multimedia Software & Websites

There are a number of websites and software applications that students can use to create multimedia digital content.

Art & Images

The Picture Tools in PowerPoint include artistic effects, frames, colour filters and the option to remove the background. Right-click on an image to Save As Image to use in another application.

Images of Chrome Music Lab apps

Comic Strips

eBooks – Excellent site (requires Chrome to work) to create multimedia books. Include images, text, audio and videos. Free for up to 40 books.

Use PowerPoint or ActivInspire to create your own eBook.

Video & Audio

  • – Create a grid for students to upload a video response to a question. Use with an app or via the website. Free! – Create an avatar and record some speech for it to say. Free for limited options.
  • Audacity is a free audio editor for Windows.


Garageband for Mac is a great music application.

Other – Create a board for students to add sticky notes to, including text, images, audio and video. Great for sharing information on a topic. Free.