• There is a comprehensive write up of using Scratch with SEND learners at the Sheffield eLearning¬†scratch progression resourceService blog here, including links to sample projects.
  • Also on the Sheffield eLearning Service website there is a new Scratch Progression Resource, with a collection of Scratch activities linked by concept (e.g. Sequence, Selection, Repetition). Excellent for scaffolding learning with SEND learners, as there are examples of simple code to explore, modify, extend, put in the correct order and debug. You can find it here: Scratch Progression Resource.

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  • The new version of Scratch (3.0) is now out. With this you can use a webcam as an input device to sense movement – great for creating cause and effect activities for learners. You can also connect the BBC micro:bit, Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorms robots, and program these in Scratch. Try it out at